About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is all around us. Using hydrogen as an energy resource isn't anything 'new', its just been expensive and difficult to extract and so we haven't seen widespread adoption. As hydrogen/fuel cell equipment manufacturing costs go lower, use of hydrogen will increase.

Benefits of hydrogen include:

  • Zero-emissions (compared with gasoline vehicles that produce 9kg of CO2 per gallon)

  • Directly replaces fossil-fuels such as propane, gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel

  • Cost-competitive with fossil fuels (1kg of hydrogen cost = 1 gallon of gasoline cost)

  • Commercially-ready equipment

  • Increased resiliency due to reduction of fuel imports

  • Faster refueling time than battery-electric vehicles

The Hawaii Hydrogen Alliance seeks to increase awareness for production and use of hydrogen as a zero-emissions energy resource that can be used for transportation and buildings in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific region. We believe the best way to increase awareness is through real-world projects that people can easily visit either in person or online. As a result, the Hawaii Hydrogen Alliance pursues partnerships with companies and organizations looking to build green hydrogen projects in and around Hawaii.

In addition, we support the US Department of Energy's "Energy EarthShot" Hydrogen Challenge, which has a goal of producing hydrogen at $1 per 1 kilogram by 1 decade ("111").

If you are interested to partner with us, send an email describing your organization or project to: