About Hydrogen

Hydrogen is all around us. It's in our bodies, our plants, our air, and our oceans. Using hydrogen as an energy resource isn't anything 'new', its just been expensive and so we don't see widespread adoption into our landscape. As costs drive lower, use of hydrogen will increase and the benefits of using this energy resource will begin to stack up.

Lower emissions, widespread availability, versatility of use applications, and resiliency are some of the benefits of adoption of hydrogen into our transportation and energy portfolios. Hydrogen vehicles exist and are being purchased today, and the ability to turn hydrogen into energy for buildings or for the grid is readily available and increasing in use.

The Hawaii Hydrogen Alliance seeks to increase awareness for production and use of hydrogen as an energy and transportation resource in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific region. We believe the best way to increase awareness is through real-world projects that people can easily visit either in person or online. As a result, the Hawaii Hydrogen Alliance pursues partnerships with companies and organizations looking to build green hydrogen projects.

If you are interested to partner with us, send an email describing your organization or project to: